December 1, 2021
How Marijuana Strain Best For Sex?

How Marijuana Strain Best For Sex?

There’s rather a more of apprehension surrounding the topic of using marijuana to enhance sex. What is the very best marijuna to smoke for sex– Indica or Sativa? More specifically, what are the best strains for sex-related stimulation? According to a study, many women and men were kept under investigation while smoking marijuana to ascertain the effect of smoking cannabis on their sexuality. The same observations were accomplished over another team that didn’t smoke marijuana whatsoever. Findings from this research revealed that the team of men and women who smoked cannabis had more sex than their non-marijuana smoking counterparts throughout the monitoring.

The users explained that they had better libido and boosted enjoyment while at it. Normally, the women had a 34% increase, while a 22% rise was recorded for the men.

An additional evaluation in 2015 showed that persistent use of cannabis for sex may reduce sex drive. Presently, there’s no definitive research study explain how cannabis improves sex drive in people. 

Best Marijuana Strains for Sex

You might’ve heard that marijuana strains are best for female arousal or a certain type of marijuana enhances your libido. Well, according to a clinical study, no cannabis strain is verified to raise your sex drive. Instead, individuals anecdotally suggest that certain strains are best used for certain kinds of circumstances. There’s a marginal study finding out the personal effect of the different cannabis strains on sex. 

Choosing a Suitable Strain

Truthfully, relying on the state of mind you’re intending to accomplish in the bedroom, you may discover that a different strain functions much better for your partner than you. If you’re interested in self-pleasure, you might intend to discover an additional selection. Mostly, cannabis strains such as og kush, durban poison and biscotti strain will surely benefit you if you’re feeling nervous. If rather, you’re searching for a trigger of energy and imagination in the bedroom, you might intend to choose a Sativa. Indicas will serve you better if you wish to boost the sensory experience of your sex time. At the same time, a hybrid of Indica and Sativa is excellent if you’re aiming to touch both the power and sensory enhancement.

Do-si-dos strain

The do si dos strain is a hybrid strain with a high THC content. It is an Indica dominant crossbreed strain. The flower aroma makes sure to immediately give you the feels  of euphoria and boost sensory pleasure.

Commonly, due to its high THC content, taking around two to three hits will do the trick for you. It’s a highly efficient strain that will certainly give you a meeting sex experience.

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